How and when can I pay for my subscription?

You have 10 working days to make the payment once you have signed the subscription form. In the meantime, your place on the project is reserved!

Please note

You can invest even if the money is not yet in your savings account.

How do I pay for my subscription?

First, I sign my subscription form

  1. Once I have decided to invest in a project

  2. I click on the "lend" button

  3. I then decide how much to invest

  4. I consult the Regulatory Information Document

  5. I sign my subscription form.

Important The date and time of signature of the subscription form are decisive for the investment.

Next, I choose my payment method

If I have chosen to pay by credit card (<ā‚¬2000)

  • I enter my card number and follow my bank's security procedure. Payment is instantaneous. My subscription is paid.

  • If I have chosen to pay by bank transfer (>ā‚¬500)**.

  • I receive the RIB for my Enerfip account by email as soon as my account has been validated and I can find it in my account space under the heading "Iban for my Enerfip account". I make my transfer. It will be in my account within 2 to 5 days. If this is not the case, please contact us:

If I choose to pay by cheque

This will only be done at the investment offices and the cheque will be given to you in person. Cheques take a long time to clear (up to 3 weeks).

Additional delay

Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional measures: if the collection period is still long and is not very advanced, in other words, if it is clear that the end of the collection period is still a long way off, additional time may be authorised. To take advantage of this, please contact us by email or telephone

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