Complaints handling procedure

Presentation and objective of the procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to enable complaints from Registered Investors, Approved Investors, Subscribers, Project Holders or Issuers (hereinafter the "Client(s)") to be dealt with in an efficient, fair and consistent manner. The implementation of this procedure is triggered by a declaration by the Customer stating his dissatisfaction (hereinafter the "Complaint"). It is not applicable in the event of a request for information, advice, clarification, service or provision.

The Complaints Processor is responsible for applying the procedure to the entire customer service department.

Explanations of the procedure for handling complaints can be found on the "FAQ" page of the Site, under the heading "How do I make a complaint?" The link to the "FAQ" page can be found at the bottom of each page of the Site

This policy will be regularly updated in line with applicable regulations and Enerfip's activities.

Receipt of complaints

There are various channels for complaints:

  • by email: to the address

  • If the complaint concerns an investment, the dissatisfied customer must specify the project concerned, the date and the amount of his subscription and send his request to : with the subject "complaint about my investment in project X"

  • if the complaint concerns the use/functioning of the website, the customer should, if possible, attach screenshots to enable our Service Department to resolve the problem as quickly as possible

  • by telephone: +33 4 119 34 111

  • by post: 6 rue de Maguelone - 34000 Montpellier

Handling complaints

Complaints are received by Customer Services. They are handled free of charge by the agent in charge of the complaint (Customer Service Manager);

When a Customer submits a Complaint, an e-mail confirming that the Complaint has been dealt with is sent within 48 hours;

The Customer Service Manager records the Complaint in the Complaints Tracking Spreadsheet, which includes the following information:

  • the customer's name;

  • the date on which the complaint was received;

  • the subject of the complaint;

  • the criticality of the complaint ;

  • the investment or service concerned;

  • stakeholders other than Enerfip (Project Sponsor);

  • the date of the response made to the customer;

  • any corrective action taken;

The Customer Service Manager analyses the complaint

The criticality is assessed by the Customer Service Manager according to two levels: minor, major. Complaints of major criticality lead to consultation with Management and are subject to special documentation and archiving measures.

If the complaint is incomplete, in particular if it does not include the full identity of the Customer and a precise description of the problem encountered, which will enable Customer Services to direct the request to the appropriate complaint channel, the Customer Service Manager will immediately ask the Customer to provide the information necessary for the complaint to be processed correctly.

If the complaint is unjustified, the Customer Service Manager will inform the customer without delay, detailing the reasons, except where the customer is the subject of a TRACFIN declaration. Thus, if the customer is the subject of a TRACFIN declaration, the customer is informed that his claim is unjustified but without detailing the reasons. If the claim is justified:

  • either Enerfip is able to provide an immediate solution to the problem, in which case it implements the necessary corrective action, and informs the Customer by e-mail;

  • or Enerfip is unable to provide an immediate solution to the problem, in which case it will immediately send the Customer an e-mail informing them that the problem raised has been taken into account and, if it can, the actions envisaged and the estimated response time;

In the latter case, Enerfip diligently implements the necessary corrective actions. All the stages of the procedure (sending of the e-mail confirming that the complaint has been dealt with, registration of the complaint, implementation of corrective actions, response to the Complaint) are recorded in the Tracking Spreadsheet. In all cases, and except in duly justified special circumstances, in accordance with article 14 of Enerfip's GT&Cs, all Customer Complaints receive a response within a maximum period of two months.

Control of complaints processing

A review of recorded complaints is carried out at least once a month by the Complaints Handling Manager with all agents. An annual report is organised by the Claims Handling Manager for the Internal Compliance Department and the Company's Management

This report is included in the Company's annual Activity Report

Complaints relating to services offered by the Payment Service Provider or Banking Partner

Complaints relating to the services offered by the Banking Partner are sent to Enerfip in accordance with the procedures set out in 1. The Customer Responsible Enerfip forwards the Complaints addressed to it to the Banking Partner within 5 working days of receipt of the Complaint

The Customer Service Manager ensures that the Banking Partner confirms whether or not the Complaint has been dealt with within 5 working days. If the Banking Partner accepts the Claim, the Customer Service Manager informs the Customer. If the Banking Partner refuses to deal with the Complaint, the Customer Service Manager shall seek an amicable solution with the Banking Partner, in the Customer's best interests. The Customer Service Manager informs the Customer without delay as soon as a solution has been found to deal with the Complaint.


If Enerfip's response to the Complaint does not satisfy the claimant, the claimant has the option of appealing to a mediator, in accordance with the provisions of articles L 611-1 and R 612-1 et seq. of the French Consumer Code concerning the amicable settlement of disputes. The Médiation de la Consommation & Patrimoine mediator can be contacted:

  • by e-mail at the following address:; or

  • by post: Médiation de la Consommation & Patrimoine, 12 Square Desnouettes - 75015 Paris, France.

The costs of mediation are borne by Enerfip. The mediator must be contacted within one year of the initial complaint;

If the claimant has invested in one of the following products: simple bond, convertible bond, share, he/she may contact the Ombudsman of the Autorité des marchés financiers by filling in a form on the AMF website.

You can also contact the AMF Ombudsman by post:

Autorité des marchés financiers, La médiation, 17 place de la Bourse, 75082, Paris Cedex 02

or by telephone: 01 53 45 60 00

Processing Manager

Mrs Valérie Séchet is the person in charge of processing complaints

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