Waiting List 101

The waiting list is activated when the fundraising ceiling is reached. It allows people who have not been able to subscribe in time to try their luck on a fund that is close to their hearts.

What is the waiting list?

Sometimes certain investments cannot be selected (for example, because the investor cannot prove that he or she lives in the area requested, or because the transfer does not arrive on time, or for any other reason...). In this case, we put people on the waiting list in order of signature of the application form.

Worth knowing

  • When you subscribe from the waiting list, you first decide how much maximum you wish to invest in this fund.

  • Secondly, you will also decide on the minimum amount you wish to invest in this fund. The space freed up will not necessarily cover all of your initial wish.

You will then be selected (or not) if the available space is within your range.

How to qualify

  • Have a validated passbook

  • Have signed a waiting list subscription form

  • Have the funds available in your passbook.

For almost every fund-raising campaign, we select subscribers from the waiting list, so don't hesitate!

The funds available in the passbook are completely free to access at no charge. So you can withdraw them whenever you like, or invest them in another project as you see fit. Please note that as soon as the funds are no longer available, you will no longer be eligible for the fund-raising waiting list.

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