How to withdraw my funds

To withdraw funds from your passbook, enter your bank details and upload your bank details in the "Your bank details" section or by clicking on the "Withdraw" button. Wait approximately 24 hours for your account to be validated. You can then withdraw the funds from your passbook.

If your account has not been validated after 72 hours, contact Customer Services.

Why am I blocked from withdrawing the amount available in my savings account?

In certain cases, it is not possible to withdraw the funds available in the savings account.

**Enerfip has set up an automatic blocking system for withdrawing funds from the savings account when the withdrawal exceeds the capital plus the interest invested.

This blocking system has been put in place to prevent the increasing number of fraud attempts in the world of participative financing.

We have witnessed fraud involving malicious people posing as financial advisers. Their modus operandi is to open passbooks on behalf of their victims, with their consent. They then invite their victims to top up their passbooks, promising to use the money credited to them to make investments that will never be made. These bogus financial advisers then provide other bank details and immediately withdraw the funds credited to their victims' passbooks.

In order to combat these fraud attempts, we need to check that the person withdrawing the funds credited to their passbook is actually the owner of these funds, particularly in cases where the funds are invested in the passbook and then withdrawn without having been invested in a project.

Enerfip therefore reserves the right to block the withdrawal of funds from your passbook if the total amount withdrawn exceeds the sum of the capital repaid and the gains received by the Investor.

How do I unblock this withdrawal?

To unblock these funds, contact Enerfip's customer service by telephone on 04 119 34 111 or by email at Enerfip's customer service will then carry out enhanced checks on your identity and the planned capital flows in order to avoid any risk of fraud or swindling and also to prevent money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

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