European Agreement 101

New European authorisation: what's changing for you!

The regulations governing participative financing services are changing! Enerfip now operates under the European approval for Participative Financing Service Providers (PSFP).

Since 2014, Enerfip's activity has been regulated by the national statutes of Participative Investment Advisor (CIP) and Participative Financing Intermediary (IFP).

In 2020, a new European regulation was adopted. Its aim? To establish a harmonised legal status for all providers of participatory finance services operating within the European Union.

**Goal achieved!

On 6 December 2022, Enerfip obtained its European approval as a Participative Financing Service Provider (PSFP).

This was the culmination of almost a year's work by a large part of the team, and several months of application to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

As well as ensuring that we continue to offer you services that comply fully with the regulations, this new status means that we can now provide our services to investors throughout Europe.

This new European status is compulsory for all equity crowdfunding services, which must comply by 10 November 2023 in order to continue operating.

What's changing for you, in brief

Greater freedom in your investment choices

What's changing for you in detail

A new investor categorisation

Your investor profile will now be classified as "informed " or "non-informed ". As a non-advised investor, you will be asked to complete a more in-depth knowledge test when you invest.

The answers to this questionnaire are intended to define your knowledge and investment objectives more precisely, so that you can choose the investments that match your expectations.

Are you already registered with Enerfip? In order to comply with the new regulations, you will need to fill in a new questionnaire.

More details on investment analysis

The **analysis of each project** will be presented in greater detail. This will make it easier for you to compare projects and invest in those that best match your investment objectives.

A clearer view of the risks and characteristics relating to the investments.

Greater freedom to invest

Until now, you were limited in your investments by a number of constraints - when the amount you wished to invest exceeded a certain percentage of your income, or when the risk level of the project did not match your investment objectives.

These warning messages will still be present, but you will now be able to invest with no limit on the amount or level of risk.

The only remaining constraint will be your geographical eligibility, on projects reserved for certain departments or countries.

A wider geographical scope for projects

European approval now allows Enerfip to offer its services to all citizens residing within the European Union.

Our catalogue of investments will therefore be enriched by a large number of international projects led by European companies. All these investment opportunities will be available to you, whatever your country of residence.

You will have access to a wider choice of investments, in France and Europe.

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