Submitting a complaint

The entire Enerfip team strives to meet your expectations by offering you the best possible quality of service. However, incidents do happen, which is why we have set up a complaints procedure designed to :

  • enable you to inform us of any complaints you may have concerning incidents relating to your use of our platform,

  • enable us to deal with these complaints in an efficient, equal and harmonised manner.

Enerfip applies its complaints handling procedure to any call, e-mail or letter from you expressing dissatisfaction, with the exception of your requests for information, advice, clarification, service or provision.

You can send your complaint to the following address:

Your complaint must be made in English, French, Dutch, Spanish or Italian, and include all the information we need to provide a rapid solution, in particular: your full identity and a precise description of the problem encountered.

If the problem is related to an investment, please mention the project concerned as well as the date and amount of your subscription.

We are committed to dealing with your complaint transparently, objectively and quickly. Our Customer Service Manager and Communications Manager will keep you informed without delay of the receipt of your complaint, its handling and the various stages in its processing. We undertake to confirm that your complaint has been dealt with within 48 hours.

Except in special circumstances of which you will be informed, we undertake to respond to your complaint within two months of receipt.

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